Sunday, July 12, 2009


Still no progress with HGUC Blue Destiny. My attention has shifted to these babies recently.

Not really sure why I didn't get hooked on purchasing some toys when the first movie came out. Whenever I visit the hobby store back then, I would hear the store clerks on the phone entertaining queries and reservations for Transformers merchandise.


The first one I bought was Sideswipe. After seeing the movie, I decided that I'm gonna get myself that Autobot. I searched toystores in many malls here but they all ran out. All the other Transformers were still there except him! I got him from a seller on eBay. I was able to contact one seller who was offering the lowest price compared to the other sellers. But this one is overpriced by 6 US dollars compared to the mall price.


Next one I got was Barricade; the Premium version from the first movie. I didn't like the Interrogator version from the ROTF line. I've always thought that this toy was nice during the first movie, can't remember why I didn't buy one before.


I've already opened Barricade. And I think he needs minor repaints to improve the appearance. I've been visiting a lot of TF fan sites lately and found some pretty good customizing tutorials. So watch out for my future Transformers review.