Sunday, January 24, 2010

Finally. Victory!


And a lotta other stuff too.

So I went to Greenhills yesterday, the place where Otaku and other geek stuff can be found, to get this baby.


I got an email from the owner of a store that the MG Victory was already here. So Friday, while at the office, I called their Makati City branch to ask how much it costs. They say its about 41.50 USD, then less 5% if I pay for it in cash. Great. The next day, I decided to go to Greenhills, San Juan instead so I can also check out the stuff from the other stores. I was surprised to find out that Victory there costs more than 46 USD. I didn't tell them that I called their other branch the day before. So I went out, called the other branch and asked about the price. It was still cheaper than the one in Greenhills, so I asked them to keep it for me and promised to pick it up that afternoon.


Found this cute Banpresto figure of Alphonse. I already saw this in the store's website before and got interested. Looks kinda nendoroid-ish.


Went to the other store and found some K-ON Gashapon set. I think it was called Petit Prop Plus. I think these stores can sell them much faster if they allow customers to purchase one blind box instead of an expensive full set. A single box is lighter for your wallet than buying a sealed box set/case. Bought this set of capsule Kenshin toys, popularly known in the english sub as Samurai X.


Check out Kenshin! The first set they handed to me had Kenshin wearing blue. Good thing I checked the other set. The pink version was better than the blue, which is his battousai color I believe.



The Akatsuki Couple, Pain and Konan. The two I wanted so badly to get from the capsule machines.


I got really lucky because the machines in one store were being refilled, so they were open. I asked if I can choose what I want since the machines are open. So the dude with the magic key and bags of capsules helped me out. Finally, I don't have to spend so much trying and hoping that the machines will spit out either of these two.


I should have asked the guy to tell me the days or schedule when the machines get opened =). Here is the current set-up on top of my PC station.





So after the adventure in Greenhills, I went to Makati to get Victory. I think I have to finish Blue Destiny and SD 0 before I can start with my first Version Katoki kit. It has been really really long since last I built an MG model.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Life is like a Capsule Station

Ya never whatcha gonna get.


I went out a few days ago to pick up some tiny toys I can display in the office. My workstation still looks boring and I've been working there for more than a year now.


These two are Boooya Ghosts. They are similar to the ones I posted before.


You are lucky if you get the rare ones, or the mystery or "chase" figures.


Was really glad I didn't pull the same figure.


On to the gashapon. I've always noticed the machines in my local otaku store. The Toys R Us branch in a mall near my place has about at least 50 machines lined up before you get to their entrance. So I thought I would pick up two designer vinyl toys, and maybe one gashapon. My first was Naruto.


Leaflet showing the line-up. I really want to get Nagato, aka "Pain". I went back to the store (forgot when), dropped tokens in the same machine, and out came Naruto again. I tried the other Naruto machine and I got this venus fly-trap Akatsuki dude.


A few days later I tried the machines outside Toys R Us. Got really excited because they have a Haruhi machine. Unfortunately, I got two Kyons.


My first Naruto is in the office now, guarding my workstation with Edward Elric, the one I bought with the SD 0 Gundam. My friend agreed to buy the duplicates.


These tiny little buggers are meant to be keychains I think. So I just unscrew the hook from their heads, then stick their feet to blue tac so they can stand properly.


Took the pics above last weekend, just wasn't able to post them right away. Then today I got two more. Yay for Haruhi bunny!


One guy from the vinyl toy store told me before that part of collecting these blind boxed toys is the thrill of hunting, the part of not knowing what you're about to get when you pick up a box. With capsule toys, you don't know which toy will come out from the machine. I think it kinda feels like gambling. It's really fun, but it drains your wallet too. It really was surprising when I saw some of the Otaku rooms posted in Danny Choo. Some rooms are literally crawling with trading figures from floor to ceiling.

And yea, I'm not yet done with Blue Destiny and SD 0. Can't get some spare time to paint them in the morning. And I'm still waiting for MG Victory to arrive here. I also found out that GSC will release a new Nendoroid Petite set of Death Note. Now that is something I would like to get my hands on =)