Wednesday, December 23, 2009

WIP: 0 Gundam and Blue Destiny

I've finished these two last week. Planning to do the painting before the year ends.


I had fun building the SD kit. Finished it before completing the HGUC. I sort of needed a break I guess even though the HG kit was not that difficult to finish.



And here's the little guy.



The Blue Destiny has nice proportions, and the parts are almost completely color accurate.



My camera (Sony T20)hasn't been cooperative lately. It has been having a lot of corrupted images recently. In one instance, all the images were completely deleted. I guess I need a new memory card. Would like to have a new camera but I don't have the budget.


Decent articulation on the shoulders/arms. Not so much on the legs though.


Really looking forward to finishing these two before the New Year.



Latest supplies.


Next project on my want-list is the MG Victory. Just waiting for the hobby stores to have it here. I need to get my hands on an MG kit!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

First SD Gundam

I've been wanting to display a gundam on my office desk. I figured a cute Super Deformed would be a nice choice.


I received some Gift Certificates recently, and one of the accredited merchants is Toy Kingdom. I was choosing netween MG Wing ver. Ka and the regular MG Exia. But I used some of the GCs buying other stuff so I settled for an SD kit.



The manual has a lot of interesting pictures.


Kit has a total of three runners. I was surprised at the selection of Gundam kits at Toy Kingdom (I was at the Mall of Asia). They have a lot of MGs, the latest HGUCs and BB Senshi, and tons of Gundam Decals available too. They also have the 30th Anniversary Version of SD RX 78-2, and it was a bit pricey for an SD kit.


They don't give change when you use a GC so I had to get this (expensive) Gashapon keychain of FMA Brotherhood. The SD kit costs 399.75 pesos and the GC is worth 500 pesos (about 10 to 11 USD), so I picked up Edward which costs 150. I bet this tiny keychain costs less at Otaku stores in Greenhills. I have to finish my Blue Destiny then i'll work on this SD kit. This would probably take about less than 2 hours to build.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

I Ordered Myself to Blog Today


Boy did I miss blogging!

4 months went by without touching this blog. I still haven't finished my HGUC Blue Destiny Unit 1. So here's what I got so far.


Head, torso, shield, rifle, and one arm. Then I worked on it again tonight.


Got the feet done. Plus the right arm.


And the left leg.


I'm loving the small details of the leg.


I'm really taking my time with this kit. I work on it whenever I have the spare time and if I'm in the right mood. The time-consuming part has been cleaning the nub marks. I've been trying my best to get rid of those unsightly marks from my models. I've been working on 1/144 scale models for so long and I'm not even sure if I can still handle an MG kit! I really want to get me an MG Exia, but I think the coming Blue Astray is calling my name too. I'm just hoping that I get to finish Blue Destiny before the year ends =)

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Still no progress with HGUC Blue Destiny. My attention has shifted to these babies recently.

Not really sure why I didn't get hooked on purchasing some toys when the first movie came out. Whenever I visit the hobby store back then, I would hear the store clerks on the phone entertaining queries and reservations for Transformers merchandise.


The first one I bought was Sideswipe. After seeing the movie, I decided that I'm gonna get myself that Autobot. I searched toystores in many malls here but they all ran out. All the other Transformers were still there except him! I got him from a seller on eBay. I was able to contact one seller who was offering the lowest price compared to the other sellers. But this one is overpriced by 6 US dollars compared to the mall price.


Next one I got was Barricade; the Premium version from the first movie. I didn't like the Interrogator version from the ROTF line. I've always thought that this toy was nice during the first movie, can't remember why I didn't buy one before.


I've already opened Barricade. And I think he needs minor repaints to improve the appearance. I've been visiting a lot of TF fan sites lately and found some pretty good customizing tutorials. So watch out for my future Transformers review.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I've started building HGUC Blue Destiny last week. I'm finished with the head and body. I'm just too lazy to take and upload pics and I haven't continued building it yet.

I have something else to show. I'm not sure if this has been passed around but I got the link from a friend. Click HERE. Page takes a while to download so just be patient.

Is this the new trend with 2D (or 3D) girls, singing with a leek?

Sunday, June 07, 2009

I'm Saving My Dough For...

To be honest, this post was first intended to talk about the MG Exia and the K-ON Nendoroids.

I only started with Tekken when Tekken 5 came out. I can handle myself pretty well when playing on my PS2. But recently, I developed the interest to play the Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion in the arcades. There are so many good players here in the Philippines. And I'm getting my ass kicked. Seriously.

So now, I'm saving my money to buy myself a PS3, an arcade stick, and a decent HD TV. The console version of Tekken 6 is scheduled to come by the end of October, so I still have plenty of time to save some of my fresh-grad income. I've been wanting to get myslef a PS3 console, and now with tekken 6 coming out, I have decided to finally get me one by September. I can finally get my hands on the games I'm missing.

This means I can't buy any gunpla for now. I still have two pending projects; one is my 1/100 Red Astray which I got years ago, and an HGUC Blue Destiny Unit 1. So I guess those two will have to do for now. Maybe I can get the MG Exia by November. Did they announce the release date of the K-ON Nendoroids? I want Mio! I hope they include a Bump-on-the-head accessory for Ritsu since she gets at least one per episode whenever Mio whacks her.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

HG Cherudim Gundam

Finally got my lazy self to take pics of Cherudim gundam. See more after the jump.




I think the Racing Green Tamiya Spray Can I used worked well. I almost got the British Green which is a lot darker and closer to the original color of the plastic, but decided to buy the Racing Green.



Same green highlighter trick as Gundam 00 for the clear orbs.







I didn't add detail to the GN Beam Pistols anymore. I kinda regret it coz it looks plain on the pics.




I like this pic =)



And GN-X makes another cameo.




I still have two kits on my to-do list, and they're not the two remaining mechas from Celestial Being. Arios and Seravee are still on the to-buy list.

Monday, April 20, 2009

WIP: HG Cherudim

I'm almost done with this one.


Fresh built Cherudim soaking up some sun.

I decided to get up early on a saturday morning (the 10th) to paint this kit so I can avoid the extremely hot temperature in the afternoon. I sorted the parts a few days before painting. I used Blu Tack on some parts and masking tape on the others to stick them to the skewers. I used Tamiya Racing Green and German Gray for the arm and leg frames and also the backpack. I didn't paint the white parts anymore because the nub marks disappeared after sanding them.


Sorting the parts before painting.


I used the green highlighter again for the clear parts. The clear pieces lie on top of the sticky surface of the masking tape to hold them in place while I paint them.


The result after applying the first few coats. I left it to dry on my table then I would occasionally paint it to let the color settle well on the surface. By the way, I applied the green paint on the surface inside the clear part, not the outer part where you can touch it when attached to the gunpla.


Above are the Shield Bits after painting. I applied a thin coat of Primer Gray before painting it green because white nub marks were visible even after I sanded it. The part felt smooth when you touch it but the white, raw plastic was very visible.


Most of the parts are now assembled. I'm still in the process of decal application.


Pilot drawing pens are very similar to Black Gundam markers. The best one to use for panel lining is tip size .01. I also used 0.2 and 0.3 to paint/fill in black parts on Cherudim's rifle.


Then I used a Staedler 5B drawing pencil to darken the slits on the Shield Bits. If you took drafting classes in high school, then you know the different pencil grades used for drawing. B pencils are dark, while H pencils are very light. I think you can use them for panel lining if you don't want to use ink because the lines could look too dark on the model.

Photoshoot will be done after decal application and top coating.