Monday, September 22, 2008

Mobile Suit Rant

Ngee Khiong posted this pic of an upcoming MG Zaku featured in Hobby Japan October issue.

I really like the design of the Zaku. I guess the gundam universe wouldn't be complete without the Zaku. An MG Zaku is on my To Buy List, probably the red version 2.0

But I'm kinda wondering if all these Zaku variations did come out in the classic anime, or in some manga series. There are so many, like the black and purple Trinity version, then the recently released Jhonny Ridden custom. Is this the money milking scheme of Bandai that other bloggers are talking about? Is it really necessary to release each and every Zaku variation with a different gun, backpack, color scheme, etc as an MG kit? I think that there are so many other MS designs that can be released as a plastic model kit.

The first gundam series I fell in love with was Gundam Wing. There are so many good MS designs there and I would really like some of them to be released as an MG. One for example is the Mobile Aries

It looks like a jet, and I remember that Ms. Raine/Rein (whatever) piloted one of these. Another MS I really really liked from the series is the Mobile Doll Virgo

The red disks on its shoulder launches to gives out some sort of protective energy shield. If I remember it right, Virgo doesn't need pilots because they are remote-controlled by that other girl character who has the splitted eyebrows. And that beam rifle is much bigger from the animation.

I really think it would be cool if Bandai would shift its attention to other MS designs from the other gundam storylines. It wouldn't be bad too if they can release a Mercurius and Vayeate two-in-one pack MG. That tag-team between Trowa and Heero was legendary =)

Images of Aries and Virgo from Gundam Wiki.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Upcoming Projects

Went to Greenhills (where you can find all the otaku stuff here) last friday. Spent some time walking around then ended up buying two 1/144 gundam kits.

Picture 001
I've always wanted to have an Exia but I'm still praying for Bandai to release the MG version really really soon. I decided to get the 1/144 scale instead of the 1/100.

Picture 002
I'm currently watching Gundam 00. I'm in episode 10(?)now so I haven't seen the GN-X in action yet. When I saw the announcements of its upcoming release from other gundam blogs, I was really impressed with the design and thought of getting one some day.

Picture 003
I will post pics of HGUC Ex-S soon, then get to work on these two new tiny ones.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Making HGUC Ex-S

This post is about HGUC Ex-S which was my entry to the gunpla contest.

Picture 001
This is how it looks like fresh built.

Picture 002
As expected from a 1/144 scale, a lot of details are missing and requires some work.

Picture 003

Picture 004
By doing this model, I can say that I was able to practice some techniques that I learned online.

Picture 005

Picture 006

Picture 007
It required a lot of masking to be able to paint single-colored parts that required at least two colors, like the wings and feet.

Picture 08

Picture 08 (1)
After painting, I applied clear Tamiya acrylic spray to make sure the paint won't peel off.

Picture 07 (1)
Then after decal application, I used flat topcoat.

Picture 07 (2)

Picture 07 (3)

Picture 07 (4)
I also did some hand painting; the yellow cheeks for example. It was so small I was seeing stars after I was done with it.

Picture 07
I glued this black part which came with the parts from a display stand to serve as the support.

Picture 008

Picture 009
I was quite happy with the end result. I know there is still a lot of room for improvement. I saw other 1/144 entries in the contest with details more impressive than the ones seen on the 1/100 models. HGUC Ex-S is a nice kit, and it can turn out pretty well if you have the patience to add the details on such a small model. Handling it didn't scare me that much because it wasn't too big like the MG, nor too small. I will post more pics of this model after I get him back =)

Monday, September 01, 2008

Gundam Contest 2008

Here are some pics I took last sunday, the last day to submit entries for the Gundam Modeling Contest 2008.

Picture 032
The contest is sponsored by Toy Kingdom, probably the largest toy store in the Philippines. There were three categories, Junior (14 and below), Senior (14 up, amateur), and the Expert category where past winners are allowed to join and be challenged.

Picture 010
I submitted two entries under the Senior category. One is the HGUC Ex-S

Picture 011
The other is MG Mk-II

Picture 014

Here is Strike from the Expert category.

Picture 016

Picture 015

1/144 and SD gundam in the Senior category.

Picture 017
I really love Astraea type F, this is definitely on my Want List.

Picture 018

Picture 019

Picture 020

There were a lot of amazing 1/144 scale entries.

Picture 021

Nice shading effect.

Picture 022

A detailed Turn-A.

Picture 023
Exia with a cross bow from he Expert Category.
The Crossbone below is my favorite from the Expert Category. The paint is very crisp, the color scheme is amazing, and the details and the weapons are really impressive.

Picture 024

Picture 029

Picture 025

1/60 Scale Exia from the Seniors, but I personally think this should have been in the Experts.

Picture 026

I like this blue 1/144 model too. What's the name of this one?

Picture 027

Nice kitty =)

Picture 028

Picture 030

Picture 031

They were showing Stardust Memories on the screens. I really want to watch the other gundam titles.

Picture 033

Picture 034

Picture 035
The HGUC Hazel Custom below is my favorite to win the Senior Category. But this one can definitely compete with the Experts. Amazing details on such a small model, with the custom fitted weapons and everything. The color scheme is perfect too.

Picture 036

Picture 037

Picture 038

So many amazing entries. I really have a lot to learn. I wish I can buy a basic compressor and air brush before the year ends so I can practice, and customize my paints as well.