Sunday, October 26, 2008

HG Exia

Finished building and taking pics of HG Exia weeks ago. Been really busy the past few days.

Picture 021

I didn't get the 1/100 model, still waiting and hoping for an MG release.

Picture 006

I was supposed to color the chest orb with a green pen, but I think I gave it away already. I didn't want to use the foil sticker so I looked for a better alternative. I saw this shiny green sponge in the kitchen cabinet, then I decided to use it inside the clear chest plastic.

Picture 004

Picture 008

Then, I painted the shield. I ditched the white sticker, didn't really settle well on top of the blue shield.

Picture 007

Inking some parts and application of top coat were done for the finishing touches.

Picture 012

Picture 014

Picture 016

I hand-painted the cheeks yellow, and inked the face plate with black pen.

Picture 018

This kit has very good quality. A few details were missing as expected, but still a good kit that can also do a lot of poses.

Picture 017

Picture 020

Picture 019

Picture 022

I also used the green sponge inside the leg parts.

Picture 026

Picture 024

Picture 023

Picture 025

I wonder if the Double 0 HG is as good, or even better =)


Anonymous said...

Love your sponge idea! it certainly adds more realism and depth to the orbs than paint. ^^ Great job on the model!

Gi said...

Thanks Z!

Q said...

That's an innovative idea on the sponge part. Very well done!

Gi said...

Thanks! I'll try to find a purple sponge for the GN-X =)

AstrayP03 said...

wow! the sponge idea is awesome!