Monday, July 28, 2008

Red Alert 3

I'm not that into pc games. The only games I played on my pc are battle realms and red alert 2. I didnt try the other more popular real-time strategy titles. I really liked red alert 2, and i think i will get red alert 3 when it comes out in october.

I guess it would be exciting because "The Empire of the Rising Sun" will become part of the game. Think lotsa MECHA!

Units for the "Empire" include a jet which can turn into a mecha called the Mecha/Jet Tengu, a huge robot called the King Oni (which resembles that gorilla type unit from Zoids), a jet which can dive underwater called the Sea/Sky Wing, and a tank which can also attack on water called the Tsunami Tank.

According to
wikipedia, one special character for the empire is a psychic commando wearing a japanese school uniform. Characters are small, so I think the short skirt won't be much of a distraction.

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