Friday, August 01, 2008

MG Aile Strike

This was my first MG model. I got very interested with this gundam after I saw pics of the PG version from Danny Choo. I looked at some pictures of the MG version on the internet then decided to one buy for me.

After some trial and error with smaller models, I was brave enough to paint some parts of this MG. I also applied Flat Topcoat so that the unpainted parts will not give off that "shiny plastic" look.

More gundam models to come =)


Anonymous said...

New to your site,Hi my names Roy ^^ Wow that's a sweet looking model,very clean finish and congrats on your first MG,I've yet to have mines:/

But anyways awesome photo shoot,can't wait to see more of your work:D

gi said...

Thank you! Actually the photos got a bit blurred after i resized and applied a watermark on it. Glad you still liked it =)