Monday, September 01, 2008

Gundam Contest 2008

Here are some pics I took last sunday, the last day to submit entries for the Gundam Modeling Contest 2008.

Picture 032
The contest is sponsored by Toy Kingdom, probably the largest toy store in the Philippines. There were three categories, Junior (14 and below), Senior (14 up, amateur), and the Expert category where past winners are allowed to join and be challenged.

Picture 010
I submitted two entries under the Senior category. One is the HGUC Ex-S

Picture 011
The other is MG Mk-II

Picture 014

Here is Strike from the Expert category.

Picture 016

Picture 015

1/144 and SD gundam in the Senior category.

Picture 017
I really love Astraea type F, this is definitely on my Want List.

Picture 018

Picture 019

Picture 020

There were a lot of amazing 1/144 scale entries.

Picture 021

Nice shading effect.

Picture 022

A detailed Turn-A.

Picture 023
Exia with a cross bow from he Expert Category.
The Crossbone below is my favorite from the Expert Category. The paint is very crisp, the color scheme is amazing, and the details and the weapons are really impressive.

Picture 024

Picture 029

Picture 025

1/60 Scale Exia from the Seniors, but I personally think this should have been in the Experts.

Picture 026

I like this blue 1/144 model too. What's the name of this one?

Picture 027

Nice kitty =)

Picture 028

Picture 030

Picture 031

They were showing Stardust Memories on the screens. I really want to watch the other gundam titles.

Picture 033

Picture 034

Picture 035
The HGUC Hazel Custom below is my favorite to win the Senior Category. But this one can definitely compete with the Experts. Amazing details on such a small model, with the custom fitted weapons and everything. The color scheme is perfect too.

Picture 036

Picture 037

Picture 038

So many amazing entries. I really have a lot to learn. I wish I can buy a basic compressor and air brush before the year ends so I can practice, and customize my paints as well.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe I missed out seeing so much gundams... ^^; btw where was the event held?

Gi said...

Hi Marvin. It was held in Toy Kingdom SM Megamall. The gundams are still there on display until the judging day on Sep.14, 2pm.