Saturday, September 20, 2008

Upcoming Projects

Went to Greenhills (where you can find all the otaku stuff here) last friday. Spent some time walking around then ended up buying two 1/144 gundam kits.

Picture 001
I've always wanted to have an Exia but I'm still praying for Bandai to release the MG version really really soon. I decided to get the 1/144 scale instead of the 1/100.

Picture 002
I'm currently watching Gundam 00. I'm in episode 10(?)now so I haven't seen the GN-X in action yet. When I saw the announcements of its upcoming release from other gundam blogs, I was really impressed with the design and thought of getting one some day.

Picture 003
I will post pics of HGUC Ex-S soon, then get to work on these two new tiny ones.


Anonymous said...

It's too tempting to kitbash and make an Advanced GN-X. Whatcha think?

Gi said...

Hmm, I've never tried kitbashing before =)