Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Supplies and a Contest

Picture 008
I went out today to pick up some supplies.

Picture 009

Thing is, I'm trying to finish this certain model then submit it as an entry in a gundam modeling contest. Submission of entries are on friday, saturday, and sunday. I'm trying to finish everything by friday and submit it on saturday. This will be my first time to join a gunpla contest.

Been trying my best to come up with a decent entry. I'm planning to put as much detail as possible on the kit. I even used a primer this time (1st time too) to make sure that the paint will stick well. I might post some pics of my entry when I'm done with it.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Good luck! From your supplies, I'm definitely looking forward to your finished model! ^_^

Gi said...

Thanks Z, I could use some luck =)

George said...

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Hey, do u paint ur hg models too?
If u do, which methods are necessary to make a hg gundam look better?

I like ur ex-s very much =D