Monday, April 20, 2009

WIP: HG Cherudim

I'm almost done with this one.


Fresh built Cherudim soaking up some sun.

I decided to get up early on a saturday morning (the 10th) to paint this kit so I can avoid the extremely hot temperature in the afternoon. I sorted the parts a few days before painting. I used Blu Tack on some parts and masking tape on the others to stick them to the skewers. I used Tamiya Racing Green and German Gray for the arm and leg frames and also the backpack. I didn't paint the white parts anymore because the nub marks disappeared after sanding them.


Sorting the parts before painting.


I used the green highlighter again for the clear parts. The clear pieces lie on top of the sticky surface of the masking tape to hold them in place while I paint them.


The result after applying the first few coats. I left it to dry on my table then I would occasionally paint it to let the color settle well on the surface. By the way, I applied the green paint on the surface inside the clear part, not the outer part where you can touch it when attached to the gunpla.


Above are the Shield Bits after painting. I applied a thin coat of Primer Gray before painting it green because white nub marks were visible even after I sanded it. The part felt smooth when you touch it but the white, raw plastic was very visible.


Most of the parts are now assembled. I'm still in the process of decal application.


Pilot drawing pens are very similar to Black Gundam markers. The best one to use for panel lining is tip size .01. I also used 0.2 and 0.3 to paint/fill in black parts on Cherudim's rifle.


Then I used a Staedler 5B drawing pencil to darken the slits on the Shield Bits. If you took drafting classes in high school, then you know the different pencil grades used for drawing. B pencils are dark, while H pencils are very light. I think you can use them for panel lining if you don't want to use ink because the lines could look too dark on the model.

Photoshoot will be done after decal application and top coating.

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madmoz said...

Very smooth paintjob! Nice.