Wednesday, December 23, 2009

WIP: 0 Gundam and Blue Destiny

I've finished these two last week. Planning to do the painting before the year ends.


I had fun building the SD kit. Finished it before completing the HGUC. I sort of needed a break I guess even though the HG kit was not that difficult to finish.



And here's the little guy.



The Blue Destiny has nice proportions, and the parts are almost completely color accurate.



My camera (Sony T20)hasn't been cooperative lately. It has been having a lot of corrupted images recently. In one instance, all the images were completely deleted. I guess I need a new memory card. Would like to have a new camera but I don't have the budget.


Decent articulation on the shoulders/arms. Not so much on the legs though.


Really looking forward to finishing these two before the New Year.



Latest supplies.


Next project on my want-list is the MG Victory. Just waiting for the hobby stores to have it here. I need to get my hands on an MG kit!


Jacques said...

I've chanced upon the HGUC Blue-Destiny 2days ago while shopping for paint supplies. Been wanting to buy it for ages but decided against it after blowing $80 on paint supplies.

Gi, If it's possible could you show the closeup of the face again. The kit looks great but the face seems to look different everytime I take a look at it, I wonder does it have to do with angle that it's being view. Sometimes it looks blocky and somewhat dis-proportionate but sometimes it looks great like in your 3 picture of it (the one which is blurred)

Gi said...

Hey Jacques I'll post a closeup after painting the kit. The Blue Destiny's head is currently the same as the SD's head, the two halves are not yet snapped together. Maybe that's the reason why the head looks a bit weird right now =)

Jacques said...

Hey Gi, sorry about the misunderstanding that I caused. Your kit looks fine, what I actually meant was: w

hile searching through the internet for pictures of HGUC BD-01, the pictures all looked different even though they are taken from the same kit. The picture of the BD01's face on the box itself looks boxy but photos from else where seems to say otherwise.

Thanks for your help. Really appreciate it :)

divinelight said...

I've seen Blue Destiny 1 until 3, but haven't seen them in the show. Which series are they?

Gi said...

I'm not really sure but I think they were introduced in a video game =)