Sunday, September 26, 2010


Here it is! My very first airbrush project is finally done. I was actually able to finish painting this kit almost two weeks ago. I got very busy so I wasn't able to finish it right away.

Since this is my very first time to airbrush, there are lots of room for improvement. The inner parts of the kit were painted in gray. It got pretty thick because I actually applied 3 different layers of gray until I was satisfied. Painting on the black parts were delayed too because I ran out of paint. The purple was done by mixing red and blue, and a bit of white to make it lighter.

I'm dealing with a lot of paint scratching with this model. At first I was using the Tamiya thinner for acrylics, then I decided to use 70% Isopropyl Alcohol for the purple. The purple was very flat, so I guess what they say about Isopropyl alcohol giving off a flat finish was true. It dried off pretty quickly too, and it only took a few coats to get the desired effect. The paint with the Tamiya thinner takes a bit of time to dry up, and the coating was thicker compared to the IA. I don't know, maybe the paint to thinner ratio I did was incorrect.

After the paint has dried, I left the parts on my old computer desk and waited for them to totally cure before topcoating. I wasn't able to topcoat right away and the parts were attracting dust/lint. I did the topcoating yesterday, and I was recovering from a mild fever. I bought a Bosny clear acrlic spraycan. I transferred some of it in a tamiya glass jar. I wanted to apply it using my airbrush, and mix it with IA to fight off the glossy effect.

To avoid flooding the page with a single post, I decided to post my albums in Multiply. You can view the rest of the pictures HERE. Please comment here, or in Multiply if you do have an account =)


zenard 001 said...

Cool how much you got your airbrush for?

Gi said...

About 42 USD. It's the basic Tamiya airbrush =)