Sunday, September 12, 2010

Quick Udpate 09/12/10

My cam's memory card is being a pain in the you-know-where again. Many WIP photos for this update was deleted. Anyway, here is a quick update.

I'm currently building MG Destiny, and I'm almost done with the first airbrush project which is the HG GN-X. I forgot to mention before that I already sold my MG Victory. I needed the cash, and I had no time to finish it.

Practicing with the airbrush has been fun. I'm still trying to get used to mixing paint, coating the part, etc. I have also realized that masking is a huge pain in the, again, you-know-where. I also practiced seam removal as you can see below.

Still has room for improvement. I just hope that I can get used to these tricks just in time for the Gunpla World Cup. Still not a hundred percent sure if I will join.

I'd probably be done painting the GN-X by tomorrow. Then hopefully, the review will be out before the week ends.

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