Monday, September 27, 2010

MG Deathsycthe Purchase

Made a quick visit to the hobby store and got myself the MG Deathsycthe.

The instructions look pretty basic. This would probably take a day or two to assemble, provided the nub marks would be easy to clean.

I've also finished assembling the main unit of the MG Destiny. I'd probably assemble the wings and weapons after I have finished the MG Deathscythe.

I guess this means I'm officially on a High Grade hiatus after getting two MG Kits. I was planning on getting the HG QanT, but after the MG announcement I decided I would wait for November to get the bigger guy. My next HG purchase would probably be the HG Sinanju. I've been eyeing the HG Unicorn for quite some time now so I guess I'd buy the rival units when Sinanju comes out.

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gunpla said...

MG deathsycthe..... i wan!