Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Conclusion of Gundam 00 Season 2

Just finished the final episode of Gundam 00. I'm not gonna do an episode summary because I believe every fan already saw this episode. I just want to share my thoughts about this Gundam series.

Pic from Random Curiosity

I think season 2 was better than season 1. I liked how the camaraderie developed between the meisters and the entire crew of Ptolemaios/Ptolemy. During the 1st season, the meisters reminded me of how the pilots in Gundam Wing treated each other. They didn't act like they belong to the same organization. I guess it was Neil/Lockon who made the crew gel together.

Season 2 has many interesting twists. Events happened fast it almost felt like the episode was longer than 24 minutes (21 less the op and end songs). Based on other people's opinions which I read from the blogs, this series didn't borrow too many elements/copied scenarios from the other classic Gundam series. Except maybe the likeness of 0 Gundam to RX-78 =)

I like the characters, including the antagonists coz they were effective. Many didnt like Marina because they thought she was useless. For me, she was a symbol for those who can't fight in a war but desires so much to be able to contribute something. She's also essential because she and Setsuna had a connection even though they barely knew each other.

The innovators dress funny and have weird names but they did a good job in pulling the strings behind the events which happened in the series. I pitied Healing (cutie next to Anew) when she got beaten by Hallelujah, but I guess she deserves it coz she was a bee-yotch.

Tieria grew on me. At first I cant accept that he's a he, not a she. Hallelujah is a better fighter than Allelujah. I guess Allelujah was the weakest among the meisters. Whenever I think about an episode of 00 season 2 I just watched, Allelujah crosses my mind and interrupts me while shouting "Marie! Mariiiieeee!" During season 1, it was Haro (Lockon! Lockon!)

I liked how they made Setsuna and Saji appear older, you can really tell that some time lapsed between season 1 and 2. Heero from Wing and Saji are almost the same, but I liked Setsuna better coz of the way his character developed towards the end.

Neil was the good guy, Lyle was the bad dude, but Lyle was way cooler for me. Sad that Anew had to die, but why did someone who looks like her but with glasses appear behind the female president during the speech? Maybe Tieria created a new Anew (sounds funny, I know) as a parting gift to Lockon, coz Anew was the only sane Innovade.

I LOVE the two ending songs; Friends by Stephanie and Trust You by Yuna Ito. The songs were used in perfect timing during the dramatic endings of several episodes in season 1 and 2.

So now we'll have to wait until 2010 to see the movie and the new gundams (and plamo of course). Maybe the "Dialogue" will happen between the people from Earth and Jupiter. That is why Jupiter was on the background at the ending. Just a guess.

I really enjoyed the episodes of Gundam 00 and tried my best to skip episode reviews from the bloggers I follow to avoid spoilers. But after watching an episode, I'll go to Gordonator and Gundamaniac to read their funny captions. I also love to admire the sharp animation of Gundam 00. Each episode, especially the fight scenes, looked awesome.

Now I need a new anime to watch. I belive FMA season 2 will be shown on Animax. First time to simultaneously air an anime at the same time with Japan. Now that is something to look forward to =)


Anonymous said...

The reason there was another Anew lookalike was because they are acutally tens of thousand of Innoveda around the world who act like normal humans.They do not know of their identity and think that they are normal humans.Veda uses them to study human behaviour.This is one type of Innoveda out of the two types.If you look at the epilogue scene,she isn't the only Innoveda around,they are plenty of others around as well.

The other type are the Meister types;which is what Ribbons,Tiera,Hilling etc are.

I believe this was all revealed in one of the 00P chapters,that came out around the time of the final episode.

Gi said...

Thanks for the info. I did notice the other innovators from someone else's blog. Saw it on the screenshots. I hope that Anew Returns (haha) in the movie, so she can pilot a suit for CB and make love with Lockon =)

Anonymous said...

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