Thursday, April 09, 2009

WIP: HG 00

I will probably post the pics of the completed Gundam 00 tomorrow. First, I want to highlight some of the steps I took in making this Gunpla.


The articulation for the High Grade line keeps on getting better. Gundam 00 is not expensive at all and you still get a good gunpla. The model is very flexible; there are many points of articulation on the arms and legs.

I decided to cut off some plastic from the runner of the part connectors (PC?) and put it inside the holes of the two GN Drives. I was watching the 2nd season when I noticed that one of the holes connects with the 0 Raiser in docking mode. I went to Dalong's site to check his scans of the 0 Raiser's manual, and I saw there that the hole on the bottom is necessary to connect it to 0 Raiser. I removed the plastic I inserted inside the GN Drives but stil left the other two. I dont have 0 Raiser yet but of I want to buy one after I get the other two Celestial Being mechas. I sliced a thin strip of the silver foil sticker to accesorize the GN Drives, then colored it with Green Highlighting pen. The ink doesn't settle well on the foil sticker but it still gives off a hint of green when light hits it.


As expected from HG kits, the antenna is not sharp coz it might be dangerous to younger modelers I guess. I used my hobby knife to cut off the extra bits then sanded it. I spray painted it white to serve as the primer because I was gonna hand paint it yellow.


I think I should get me some Gundam Markers so I dont have to hand paint small parts like the antenna.


For the clear parts, I didn't use the Sponge trick anymore (HG Exia). I used a green highlighter pen. It took several coatings to get the clear plastic look green. I left it on my desk to dry then applied more coats from time to time. After Decal application, I snapped all the parts together for Top Coating, but left off the clear parts and the GN Drives coz I dont want them to look flat.

Kinda sucks coz I didn't take enough work-in-progress pics. I will try to get more pictures for HG Cherudim. Next post will be Gundam 00's photoshoot.

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Anonymous said...

nice,can't wait to see how he looks :) I don't know if I should add this Exia to my list though :/

and your right,these new HG are really better than before,just finished Zwei and I'm amazed at the articulation ^^