Friday, April 10, 2009

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

I know I'm supposed to post Gundam 00's pics but let me blog about the first episode of Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood before I do that.


I thought this season of FMA would be on a different setting. Turns out, this time the anime will be loyal to the story line of the manga unlike the fist series. I'm a huge fan of FMA. It aired on Animax before at the same time Cartoon Network was airing Gundam Seed Destiny so I was really in anime heaven back then.


Edward still not keen on discussing his height issue =)

It was really nice to see the characters on TV again. Animax did an amazing job of being able to air the episode within the same week as Japan, with English subtitles.


The Flame Alchemist getting a facial to cool him off.


Armstrong, the exhibitionist, still has a spark/star floating next to his face.

I'm really excited for the next episode. The preview showed the time when they were still kids, so I guess this would be some sort of flashback on how everything started. This is a very promising show, the animation looks superb and the characters are kick-ass but funny at the same time.

I got the pics from Random Curiosity, a blog full of amazing screenshots and reviews of the latest anime.

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