Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Figma Mikuru

Here is the lovely Mikuru Asahina
Picture 003

She's my first Figma. I might get Haruhi and Yuki next time.
Picture 004
Picture 006
I'm a newbie when it comes to these figures. I'm still saving more money to get a PVC statue.
Picture 007
"Fly Super Mikuru"
Figmas and Nendoriods are really fun to play with. I really like them because you can change their facial expressions and they also come with some accessories.
Picture 008
Picture 009
The priceless facial expression
I think that's the good thing about figmas and nendoroids (Revoltech too!), they can do something else in case you get bored with a certain pose or expression.
Picture 012
"Do I have to fire this thing?"
Picture 011
I'm a fresh grad and still waiting for the right job offer. By the time I'm earning my own money, I guess I can buy some PVC figures too. The thing is, I'm not familiar with 80% of the female figures being sold. I'm still a huge Gundam nut.
Picture 015
Picture 016
Who will be the fortunate one to capture Mikuru's heart?


Anonymous said...

Wow she's wonderful,congrats on your first Figma^^ the step into Figure Collecting is both a enjoyable and miserable hobby,just try not to get too crazy with buying them or else your wallet will be in a grave O.O

haha I have the same problem,I don't really know any of my figures or at least haven't even heard of the show,I'm starting to watch some more Anime so hopefully I'll have some connections

Lovely pictures Gi^^the background is a perfect shade for any figure^^ Hope you get your first PVC soon:)

Gi said...

For me I think it is a good thing that Im not super familiar w/ the figures right now. The more I Know them, the more suffering my wallet will endure =)

Q said...

Hahaha yea I agree knowing too much isn't always better. I got myself a figma Haruhi two months ago. Wanting to get a figma Fate recently but it's been impossible to get one in fair price! It feels like that I have been played around by import agents... T_T