Wednesday, August 20, 2008

RX-78-2 ver. OYW

Here is my RX-78-2 Gundam version One Year War

Picture 012
This kit has been collecting dust in my room for over a year before I decided to build it.

Picture 001

Picture 004

Picture 005

This is a very impressive model. An easy build, but the legs are a bit complicated. Panel lining can be a pain in the rear though.

Picture 010

Picture 008

Picture 009

I didn't like the look of the blank ink used for the panel lines so I sprayed the shoulders, arms, and skirt another coat of paint. Then used a pencil instead to give the panel lines a subtle look.

Picture 014

Picture 016

Picture 017

This gundam looks really nice after all the painting, panel lining, and decal application. I also tried dry brushing with gray acrylic paint to give the shield and yellow parts a darker and dirtier look.

Picture 019

Picture 020

Picture 022

I painted the white and the red parts. I wasn't feeling the original old rose red. I don't have yellow spray paint so I just used dry brushing to get rid of the shine. That's why the yellow looks a bit too dirty.

Picture 024

Picture 015

I'm not familiar with this gundam too. But I do know that this is the 1st and original gundam, the gran' daddy of them all. I also saw Danny Choo's model so I decided to get this one together with Mk II.

Picture 018

Picture 023

Picture 025


gordon said...

the panel lines looks awesome! but why didn't u draw the 2 invented "v" on the mouth?

Gi said...

Hey Gordon! I used ink on the inverted Vs on the mouth, then I sprayed another coating of paint because I didn't like how it turned out. Not very noticeable on the pics, but the mouth's lines kinda became grayish after that