Thursday, August 14, 2008


My 2nd MG, the RX-178 Gundam Mk II ver. 2.0

Picture 025

I decided to get this one after I saw the PG version from Danny Choo (again).


I really like this one, the color scheme is different from the usual gundams.

Picture 031

Picture 018

Picture 019

The model is very poseable. I guess this was the improvement from the 1st version.

Picture 017

Picture 021

It has a very impressive inner frame, especially the legs. Those parts were actually a bit complicated to build.

Picture 020

Picture 023

I don't even know which series this gundam came from. I watched Wing ang G Fighter when I was younger, then Seed/Seed Destiny. I'm trying to catch up with Double O now.

Picture 027

Picture 028

What I like about these old school gundams is their "muscular" or "stocky" built/appearance. It makes them more realistic for combat, and gives you more surface area to work with. Unlike the newer models which can be too slim, like Wing Zero.

Picture 029

Picture 026

That is why I'm a huge fan of this model even though I haven't seen him an action from the animation. Aside from trying to watch more animes to familiarize myself with the other figures, I'm also trying to get a hold of some older gundam series/movies.


Anonymous said...

Wow he looks awesome,definitely a different out of the older ones,his face makes him look mean >:) haha nice job and nice Gundam GI, I might consider adding him to my forever growing list:)

Gi said...

Get this one, it's an awesome gunpla kit =)

Anonymous said...

He's from Zeta Gundam (the second Gundam series, and most fans consider it THE best). The articulation was a definite improvement over V1. In all it was much improved over V1, aside from the way the head goes together (which still boggles my mind). Waiting oh-so-impatiently for my AEUG version to arrive with the kick-ass stand (already have the Titans version - the one you have).