Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Mikuru and Rei

These two are my first female figures! Figma Mikuru Asahina and Fraulein Revoltech Rei Ayanami.

I was surprised to see these two in a hobby shop here yesterday, so before I left the store I asked the nice ladies to reserve the two for me. Last time I checked, Rei has an ORDER STOP status from HLJ, and Mikuru has a DISCONTINUED status. Rei has been restocked for August, and I guess the store pre-ordered Mikuru but received their stock just yesterday.

I saw Mikuru from other blogs (Danny Choo, Gundamaniac) posing with different weapons , so I borrowed Buster's rifle for her to try.

I love that face! I don't have Haruhi yet so Rei is the one bullying her for now. So I reserved these two tuesday night, went back to the store wednesday afternoon, and suddenly Figmas Haruhi, Yuki, and Itsuki were there too! I'm still thinking if I should buy Haruhi and Yuki. I need Haruhi to play with Mikuru, and Yuki to join Rei. I think those two will hit it off well coz they both have the inability to register different emotions =)

I'll post more pics soon.


gordon said...

hey there. just dropping by to say hi. ^^

u should really get haruhi and yuki too to keep mikuru company.

btw i have moved to a new blog
do drop by when u are free.

Gi said...

Hi! Yes, your site was on my recommended list, weird though coz the list disappeared. But now i got it back =)

Anonymous said...

Oh man.. I wouldn't trust Mikuru with such a huge gun. She can't even swing a bat!

Gi said...

Haha! Nice one Z!