Friday, August 08, 2008

Rei Ayanami

Here is my Fraulein Revoltech Rei Ayanami.

Picture 004B

I'm a huge gunpla fun so I never really paid attention to female figures. But after seeing some of them in other otaku blogs (most of them in Danny Choo), I also became interested in getting some of them.

Picture 022

I also lacked interest in figures because majority of the figs I saw are unfamiliar to me. I'm familiar with Evangelion and that is why I wanted FR Rei.

Picture 005
I didn't know who Haruhi was and wondered why she's so popular. I watched the series and I totally loved it. Now I can't decide if I should get her figma or nendoroid version first. I got figma Mikuru right away coz I love her =)
Picture 009

And each time I visit a hobby/specialty toy store, I noticed that I'm starting to recognize and know more figures, which means that I'm starting to like them all. I used to lust over gundams only.

Picture 017

This is starting to sound more like a confession than a figure review/shoot. So there, I'm having fun with my first two female figs. Taking their pics is really fun; makes me feel like an expert photographer. And I'm also learning by experimenting with my point-and-shoot digicam.
Picture 020
Picture 018
Picture 001


beamknight87 said...

Hi there, first of all, nice site you have! I expect to see your future gunpla works or figure acquisitions.
I saw the comment you left me asking abut the "Read More" label. You need to modify the template (the HTML code) of your own blog adding a couple of extra lines, however, it can be a little tricky since not all the blog's codes are the same, so expect to spend some time with the good ol' trial an error method. This is the site from which I followed instructions to add that option to the posts:

Keep in mind that if you succeed and you want your older posts to have the same option, you'll have to modify them manually.

Gi said...

Hi! Thanks for the help! I'll check that and try it out soon.

gordon said...

nice shots. i like the ones with the window netting. ^^;

Gi said...

Thanks gordon!